Moraitis Beach

Loftsails Slalom Seat Harness

110 EUR
The Loft Slalom Lite harness sewn-thru feature is unique, and ensures that our Slalom Lite harness will survive years of intensive windsurfing. Two vertical seams shape the Slalom Lite harness - firm and comfortable; no upward movement. The Slalom Lite lower front is cut for free movement of the legs so the rider is not restricted. - Fixed spreader bar position with doublethick primary straps - Dual adjustable padded rear lumbar support - Harness body includes x4 shaped seams for ideal lower back support and comfortable fit - All critical webbings sewn through both sides of the harness ultralongevity - Lightweight - Neoprene rear pocket with key lanyard. GPS compatible. Antichafe neoprene padded leg straps - Lower zone triplelayered for extended durability - Threepiece neoprene interior comfort - Wear areas protected with vinyl and Kevlar reinforced materials 26cm stainless spreaderbar